An Aussie Witchy Weight Loss Journal

This one’s self explanatory really. Unfortunately progress has been a lot slower than I hoped for, but I’ll get there …one day …eventually.

The saga begins ~ 7 January 2010

The Regulus theme…


4 November 2011

The Greyzed theme…


13 January 2013

The Twenty Eleven theme…


27 December 2013

On 27th December 2013 I used the Eventbrite Single theme but I wasn’t happy with it so it was changed after only a couple of months…


13 February 2014

The Bushwick theme…


21 November 2015

This theme, called Publication, changes its appearance with each new blog post as a different “featured image” is used in each post …as shown by the 2 screenshots below. I had fun with this one, choosing some of my photos to feature in each post …the higher resolution the better. Unfortunately some of the previous posts did’t have images of the right size, shape or resolution to suit this new theme, as in many cases they had been sized to suit the Bushwick theme I used prior to this, but I didn’t bother going back and changing them …too much hard work, lol and it wasn’t really necessary.



5 August 2016

The Cubic theme…


31 December 2016

The Baskerville theme…


March 2017

The Baskerville theme was retired so I updated to Baskerville 2, which looks the same but works a lot better on mobile devices and has a few other functional improvements. 🙂

18 March 2019

I haven’t found a theme I like better than Baskerville 2 (at the moment) so I only changed the header image and the background. I experimented a little with the background colour…

…and eventually decided on a pinkish grey with a tiled pentacle pattern which I made myself using a pentacle from Wikimedia Commons to make the offset grid pattern. I know tiled backgrounds might be a bit old fashioned, but I rather like the effect …for now. 😀


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