An Aussie Wytch’s Book Of Correspondences

This is my online “Book Of Shadows” or “Grimoire” — which is a collection of reference material I’ve compiled over the last few years, that will continue to grow as I find more items of interest.

AAWBOC is born ~ 10 April 2011

The first WordPress theme I used for this blog /website was Twenty Ten.


A New Look ~ 29 September 2011

The second WordPress theme I chose is called Chateau, which has since been retired by WordPress.


A Variation in Layout ~ 5 August 2013

Still using the Chateau theme, but instead of keeping a “featured post” as the front page of the site I changed it to a “page” and added a guestbook link. In this version the side column was only visible after clicking on a link to any other page inside the ‘book’. I wanted it to look even more like a website and less like a blog than it had before. (Click images to enlarge)

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