Dragon Dreaming


Dragon Dreaming is my ever-expanding eclectic collection of general information, history, illustrations and artworks, dreams, meditations, magic, rituals and anything else I can find that is related to dragons. The main focus of this website is Draconic Paganism, not role playing games.

Dragon Dreaming Blog is Born – 25 October 2009

I chose the “Quentin” theme on WordPress.com for my new Dragon Dreaming blog. The blog’s appearance was very basic, with a list of most recent posts on the home page.


A New Front Page – 28 October 2009


A Slightly Different Look – 6 April 2011

I decided it was time to improve the appearance of my blog by adding a more interesting background. Read more…


Book Of Dragon Sitemap – 19 November 2011

My site was steadily growing and I needed an easier way of finding all the different articles and topics, so I created a page which was essentially a basic sitemap.


I created the “Dragon Hands on Book” image later, on 13th June 2012, for my “Book Of Dragon” page. It’s a photomanipulation using “Old Armenian Book” from http://deviantik.deviantart.com/art/Old-Armenian-Book-43690070 (which is itself a photomanipulation) and Komodo Dragon claws from www.arkive.org/komodo-dragon/varanus-komodoensis/image-G6269.html Since then, my “Dragon Hands on Book” creation has been used by others and shared far and wide around the internet, usually with no acknowledgement of the source. I’ve even seen it used on Facebook in October 2017 by a Dragon group based in Brazil who put their own signature/watermark in the bottom corner of “my” image when using it to promote one of their own events. I’m not happy with that as it implies that they created and own the image. 😦 I haven’t called them out on it as it’s not technically mine either I suppose, and I’ve never put my signature on it as I didn’t create the two images I put together to make it — I thought it was a bit rude to claim it that way. Oh well :::sigh:::


Front Page Image Changed – 27 June 2013


Sitemap Re-organised – October 2013

My original sitemap was becoming too difficult to use to find things so I re-organised the whole website and made a new sitemap. Read more…

A Minor Facelift: New Image on Front Page – 15 October 2015


Theme Changed from “Quentin” to “Quintus” – 28 December 2015

I finally updated the theme to something that suits mobile devices. The old “Quentin” theme had been deprecated years ago but I wasn’t really happy with its replacement “Quintus” and I couldn’t find another theme I was satisfied with so I was reluctant to change it. Eventually I resorted to Quintus anyway. It’s not a huge change visually but the new theme is more functional and has a much wider page format.


Contact Page added June 2015 & Replaced by FAQ page 19 July 2016

I published my contact page which had some FAQs on it which I hoped people would read before contacting me with certain questions. I also added a contact form to the page for use if not making a comment on a specific post. Previously the Home page and the Introduction page had by default become general contact pages via their comment sections so I thought this would be an improvement. I had no idea this would increase the number of emails I received as much as it did! So, the Contact page was scrapped in favour of the FAQ page. Read more…


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