My Facebook Pages

The Other Side on Facebook ~ 2012 to 2013

On 3rd February 2012 I started a Facebook page called “The Other Side” which was to showcase blog posts on my primary blog by the same name, which I had redesigned to serve as a portal to my other recently created blogs, as well as pages on those other blogs. This same FB page was renamed “The Dragonswood” a year later. Read more here…


The Dragonswood on Facebook ~ 2013

On 6th January 2013 I changed the name of the Facebook page to “The Dragonswood” and created The Dragonswood blogs (one on Blogger to try it out and one on WordPress). This Facebook page still serves as a convenient way to see updates for all of my blogs in the one place. 🙂

Topaz Drachen & Dragon Dreaming on Facebook ~ 2016

On 13th September 2016 I decided to make a new “Topaz Dragon Dragon Dreaming” Facebook page for my Dragon Dreaming blog plus any other Dragon-related information I decide to share. Read more here…

JT’s 2016 England & Hong Kong Holiday ~ 2017

This Facebook page was created on 21st March 2017 — almost a year after the actual holiday — purely to facilitate easy access to all my FB posts and photos from the trip. I had originally planned to write a blog about the trip and include all the info from my FB posts plus many more photos than I had uploaded to FB, but I lost enthusiasm for the blog and never finished it. I still might complete it one day, but scrolling back through thousands of FB posts to find the info is very tedious so I thought it was better to share it all to a page where I could easily get to it. However, due to the privacy settings on my FB profile, you won’t be able to see very much on this page unless you’re on my friends list.

JT’s 2017 England & Wales Holiday ~ 2017

This page was also created on 21st March 2017 — about 2 months before the holiday — as a convenient way of keeping all my posts together. This time the photos and posts were made on the public page and shared to my private profile, which also made it possible for family who were not on FB to see updates.

A Dog’s Blog on Facebook ~ 2017

I thought it would be a good idea for my dog Shelby to have his own Facebook page so on 6th July 2017 I created one for him. 😀