The Dragonswood

The Dragonswood on Blogger from 2013 to 2015

I’d been toying with the idea of having another website which would serve as a portal to all my other sites, but I could never think of a name, until 6 January 2013, which was when I  decided to try out Blogger/Blogspot for the first time. I created a new blog at (now closed from public view) and changed the name of my Facebook page from The Other Side to The Dragonswood. I later made another Dragonswood website on Worpdress — you are here! 🙂 — which is the platform I prefer to work with.

The first Dragonswood websites (Blogger and WordPress) consisted of only 3 pages. The Blogger/Blogspot site below used the “Travel” theme. (Click images to enlarge and use link in bottom right of image page to see full size.)

The Dragonswood Website on Facebook

The three pages shown above were replicated on the Dragonswood Facebook Page using an app for adding extra webpages to a standard Facebook page. I eventually scrapped those after Facebook had made so many changes over the years that the pages no longer displayed properly.

The Dragonswood on Tumblr

I also replicated The Dragonswood pages on Tumblr but I didn’t like that platform as I realised it wasn’t suitable for a site based on static pages. I didn’t “get” Tumblr — most of the stuff there seemed so inane — and “microblogging” or “tumblelogging” is not my thing so I deleted my account there after a couple of years.

The Dragonswood on WordPress from January 2013 to January 2017

The first WordPress version of The Dragonswood was made using the Modularity Lite theme, which was the closest I could get to the appearance I liked so much on the Blogger Travel theme version of the site. Although both sites looked very similar each had pros and cons and I still couldn’t decide which one to stick with, so I kept both, until around 2015 when I closed off the Blogger site from public view in favour of the WordPress site. 🙂


The Dragonswood from January 2017 to April 2017

In January 2017 I decided to change the look of The Dragonswood. I tried many different WordPress themes and eventually settled on the Toujours theme.


The Dragonswood from April 2017

Not long after changing to the Toujours theme I decide to expand The Dragonswood and give a whole page to each website and to also show the history of changes that had been made to each site. As I worked at this I became less happy with the theme and decided to change it yet again, this time to the Karuna theme — the same theme I used for the Einherjar website but this time with different fonts and colour scheme.

Screenshots are provided below as examples, just in case I eventually change the theme again. 🙂 This theme supports “featured images” allowing for a different header image on each page. (Click images to enlarge.)