Drachen Magie Vermächtnis Clan


I was an active member and an Admin of the Drachen Magie Vermächtnis Clan. This was another website where I enjoyed designing beautiful banners and images to complement the information presented on the site. Information was constantly being added and the membership was growing but unfortunately the site eventually had to be closed due to dwindling participation by the members and the financial burden of keeping it online. 😥

DMV Clan Website ~ July 2013 to November 2013

The High Priest (HP) of the online clan chose to host the first version of the website on uCoz — a free hosting platform —  and he made me an admin on the site in about mid July 2013. A forum was the first thing created by our HP (the screenshot below only shows a small portion of the forum categories).

Next I designed a header image for the site and created the beginnings of a home page, then gradually added more content and visual improvements to the website.

After only a few months it became evident that some people were having trouble accessing the site because their ISPs were not allowing them access to any websites hosted by uCoz for fear of malware attacks.

DMV Clan Website ~ November 2013 to November 2015

In November 2013 our HP purchased hosting with GoDaddy and set up the 2nd version of the site using the Drupal CMS, and once again made me an admin. Learning how to use Drupal was a huge challenge but we persevered and I was able to get this new site looking ‘pretty’. 🙂

This is how it looked on 27 November 2013, having been online for just on 1 week…


On 16 July 2014 I upgraded the site to a responsive, mobile-friendly theme…


In July 2015 I redesigned the home page to reduce the clutter and have just one image on the main area underneath the header image. Unfortunately I never took a screenshot of the whole page so shown below is just the image I created. The overall effect did look quite impressive, even if I do say so myself, lol. 😛

We also had a Facebook page which I had admin access to as well…

Sadly, due to medical/health reasons, the High Priest of DMV Clan had to step down from that position.  Activity and participation on the website was waning and in spite of our best efforts things were not working out the way we had envisioned. The emotional and financial costs of keeping the site online were too great so we agreed it was best to shut it down on 14 November 2015 and move to Dragonhenge — a new website, hosted on the Spruz platform, which had been created by one of the founders of the original clan that DMV evolved from. Read more here…