SOL Dark Moon Circle

The Inner Realm of Ynys Witrin

SOL’s Dark Moon Circle is called the Inner Realm of Ynys Witrin. Membership in our Dark Moon Circle is by invitation only. The website has always been private with access to members only. More information here.

IRYW website from 2005 to 2007

I set up our original Dark Moon website on the MSN Groups Platform which provided free hosting. The website was “Locked and Unlisted” so that only the members would have access to it.


IRYW website design from 2007

With the impending closure of MSN Groups it became necessary to venture into the realm of paid hosting and real website design, so with the help of my eldest son (who was a student at the time but is now a Software Engineer) a hosting account was set up and the website was hand coded with HTML 4.01. I used the W3C Markup Validation Service to check my code was all good. 😀 The new Spheres Of Light website was completed in August 2007 and by July 2007 I had already started to create a new website for our Dark Moon group in a password protected sub-domain to maintain the privacy of the group. This new site, along with private message boards on the new SOL website were in use shortly afterwards.


Group Name Change — 5th December 2018

On 5th December 2018 the name of the Dark Moon group was changed to “The Dragon Path of Ynys Witrin”. This change was first made on the secret Facebook group. I was hoping to be able to get the new website for Spheres Of Light up and running very soon then start on a new website for the Dark Moon group so that any changes to the IRYW site could be made on the new site instead of having to update the old site as well.

New website went ‘live’ on 28th December 2018. 😀