Soul Searchers Spiritual Centre

Soul Searchers Spiritual Centre (SSSC) was a venue that created a meeting place that was supportive of all spiritual belief systems. Our mission was to enrich people’s lives through social gatherings, education and healing practices. Our training facility was available to the spiritual community as well as organisations and corporations for training, functions, classes, seminars, conferences, workshops, meetings and alternative therapies. The venue opened in early 2013 and was closed in April 2015 due to the local council refusing a development application. However, like the phoenix a new business, called SOL Illumination, rose from the ashes of SSSC.

SSSC website from November 2012 to January 2013

sssc-250The very first version of the SSSC website was hand coded in HTML 4.01 but after only a couple of months I decided to switch to WordPress using the “Suffusion” theme as shown below and keeping the same colour scheme, header image and logo. A Facebook plugin to show SSSC news updates was featured on the frontpage. Unfortunately my hand coded version of SSSC was never archived by the WayBack Machine and I never thought to save any screenshots at the time. 😦

SSSC website design from 2013 to April 2015

Click here to explore the SSSC website on the “Internet Archive WayBack Machine”.

sssc1(Click image to enlarge)

SSSC website from April 2015 to January 2017

I finally deleted the website in January 2017. Hopefully anybody who came across any old links to SSSC would by now have had enough time to find the SOL Illumination website.

sssc2(Click image to enlarge)

See all snapshots of SSSC on the WayBack Machine.